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ModelGeeks Episode 27; The ModelGeeks Podcast One Year Anniversary Giveaway!!

February 12, 2022 ModelGeek Season 2 Episode 27
ModelGeek's Podcast
ModelGeeks Episode 27; The ModelGeeks Podcast One Year Anniversary Giveaway!!
Show Notes

Welcome to Episode 027 of the ModelGeeks Podcast.  In this episode we will announce the winners of The ModelGeeks Podcast One Year Anniversary Giveaway!!  Make sure you listen closely as the winners are announced throughout the show!

We would like to thank all of the listeners for the support you have giving the show over the past year and we look forward to the year to come.  Hope to see you out and about as we hit some of the shows.  If you can'e make it to the shows then you can still interact with us through social media, Facebook, Instagram and email!

We also want to thank each of our great sponsors for their support.  They are the ones that have made this giveaway possible.  We are very lucky to have their support.  Head on over and check them when ever you have t he chance!

Detail and Scale
Furball Aero-Design
Tamiya USA

 Also, if you're a real Model Geek you'll check out the following links!
IPMS USA Events Page
IPMS Nationals 2022
Butch O'Hare Modeling Club
The Interesting Modeling Company

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We are very fortunate to be able to join the scale modeling podcast community and are in the company of several other really GREAT podcasts. Hopefully, someday we’ll earn our wings and be able to keep up with those guys!  Please check them all out at Scale Model Podcasts.

The Kit Box
Sprue Pie with Frets

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Remember, this is not a requirement, and we will continue to produce the best possible content for you the listener. That said, any donation amount is greatly appreciated and will help us with production costs.  

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